Player’s Equipment List – Youth & Adult

No Previous Hockey Experience Required!

Game On Timmins will emphasize

SAFETY and FAIR PLAY whenever possible.

Below you will find a list of Game On Timmins mandatory and recommended player equipment list for Youth Players as well as Adult Players at all levels.

Players who wish to not follow safety equipment guidelines will not be permitted to PLAY.

Mandatory Player Equipment

*Each Players Hockey Stick May Have Tape on the Blade and must have  a fibreglass, composite, graphite or a plastic strip on the bottom of the stick blade.*


All Goalies in Youth and Adult Leagues / Tournaments will require Full Goalie Equipment

Youth Players

Helmet with Face Mask

Hockey Shin Pads

Hockey Elbow Pads

Protective Gloves

Jock / Jill

* Hockey Stick *

Adult Players

Hockey Helmet

Protective Gloves

* Hockey Stick *

Ball Hockey Shin Pads – Not Mandatory but Highly Recommended

Jock / Jill – Not Mandatory but Highly Recommended

No Previous Hockey Experience Required!!!